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Behind the scenes at the Villefollet plant

We started sorting seeds at the Villefollet plant in Deux-Sèvres in 2018. Thanks to this new high-tech industrial tool, the Deleplanque Group can offer a wide range of high-end services to its seed-producing partners and customers.

In these videos, our team shows you every step of the industrial process our seeds go through.



A highly functional industrial tool designed for small batches, basic seeds and easily damaged grains

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3 mn for: SORTING


Technology to serve seeds

3 mn for: STORAGE


Check out the forklift trucks’ “dance number”!

3 mn for: THE LAB


Germination capacity, purity, PMG... Would you like to have a peek at the lab?

3 mn for: PACKAGING


Calculated down to the last millimetre

A full range of high-quality services for sorting and preparing seeds, field-to-bag

2 sorting plants



The latest, most up-to-date equipment

  • Drying (20 dryers) / sorting / seed protection / certification / bagging / shipping
  • Fumigation
  • Optical sorter

Quality, flexibility and service

  • Storage capacity
  • Government (SOC) accredited laboratory for industrial-process guidance and batch certification
  • Bagging: all types (standard bags - big bags)
  • Certified organic sorting line


2 sorting lines and years of experience

  • A factory specialized in beet, rapeseed, sunflower and sorghum
  • Services going from in-the-field to certified seed, in bulk packaging
  • Certified organic sorting line since 2018
  • 8 dryers / storage / shipping
  • 1 laboratory for industrial-process guidance

Photo gallery

Follow the seeds's whole industrial process

Buckwheat seed, before and after the densimetric table

Buckwheat leaving the pre-cleaner, headed for temporary storage before the next stage of sorting

Grains going over the densimetric table

The optical sorter, the final step in eliminating hard to separate defective seeds and foreign species

Guillaume, in charge of sorting, keeping an eye on things

The roomy storage space can handle shipping containers, big bags, and standard bags

In the climate-controlled area of the lab: sunflower in germination boxes

Checking germination on field beans

Purity analysis of clover, with the highly enlarging and ergonomic Mantis microscope

With the adhesive-strip sealing system, bag opening is child’s play

The last step in the industrial process: palletization