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Deleplanque & Cie

The company

A company that's
Passionate about seeds !
  • Turnover 2017
  • 49 M€
  • Employees
  • 45
  • National locations
  • 4  / Head office in Maisons-Laffitte (78)
3 areas of activity
  • Seed
  • 47% of turnover
  • Seed
  • 38% of turnover
  • Distribution of
    fertiliser by-products
  • 15% of turnover
    • Services
    • Technology
    • Investment
  • 3 seed stations

    • Spreading of risks
    • Early availibility
    • Diversity
  • 6 major regions of production

    • Development
  • 5000 ha

    • Know-how
    • Independance
    • Specialists
  • 500 Seed growers

    • Expertise
    • Teamwork
    • Talents
  • Multi-species seed-production
  • Trials, nurseries, hybrid seeds

    • Flexibility
    • Openness
    • Responsiveness
  • Partnerships
  • with major international breeders

    • Teamwork
    • Customer proximity
    • Advice
    • Availibility
  • Commercial presence
  • throughout the territory

    • Growth
    • Quality
    • Energy
  • 3rddistributor of sugar beet seeds -15% marketshare

    • Seed market
    • expertise
  • 1stDistributor of hybrid rye seeds-60% marketshare

    • Ambition
    • Innovation
  • Major player
  • in the cover crop market

    • Diversification
  • Opening of the range
  • to new species : sunflower, wheat, soya, chickpea

  • Range
  • of mineral, organic and organic-mineral modifiers and fertilisers

    • Study
    • Sourcing
  • Identification
  • of potential industrial partners

    • Innovation
    • Evaluation
  • Design and formulation
  • of products

    • trust
    • Quality
  • Compliance with
  • the highest standards

    • Competence
    • Efficiency
  • Management
  • of the entire supply chain

    • Service
  • Partnerships
  • for field application

  1. 1848
  2. 1860
  3. 1920
  4. The period between the two world wars
  5. 1954
  6. 1955
  7. 1960
  8. 1976
  9. Late 70s
  10. 1981
  11. 1982
  12. Late 80s
  13. 1987
  14. 1991-1997
  15. 2002
  16. 2003
  17. 2008
  18. 2010
  19. 2012
  20. 2014
  21. 2015
  22. 2015
  23. 2018
  24. 2018

Our history

Deleplanque & Cie :
170 years of family history


The Deleplanque family starts manufacturing sugar

Sugar tongs

François-Auguste Deleplanque, sugar manufacturer

The Deleplanque sugar factory in Moncheaux in the North (59) runs from 1847 to 1855

Compressed sugar beet pulp


François-Auguste Deleplanque settles in St Quentin, Aisne (02)

This is the beginning of the brokerage and trading of sugar, molasses and pulp, and of coal for supplying sugar factories with energy

Maison Deleplanque, at 27 rue de la République (1917-1925)


After the war, the Deleplanque company resumed its activities in Maisons-Laffitte, in Yvelines (78)

Pierre-Léon Deleplanque runs the company

Odette Deleplanque

The period between the two world wars

The period between the two wars marks the birth of the seed activity

Pierre Deleplanque

Pierre Deleplanque starts multiplying and distributing sugarbeet seeds

"Advertising for Poly, sugarbeet variety"


Deleplanque partners with German breeder Strube

Packaging of sugarbeet seeds in the 50s

Deleplanque becomes exclusive distributor of Strube sugarbeet genetics

Lierville site


The production of sugarbeet seeds is restarting

A production site is born in Lierville, in the Loir et Cher (41)

Spreading of vinasse


The distribution of by-products, as fertiliser, is launched

These are liquid and solid by-products from the sugar industry

Gérard and Jean-Pierre Deleplanque


Gérard and Jean-Pierre Deleplanque take over the family business.

Advertisements of emblematic sugarbeet varieties


The production and marketing of monogerm sugarbeet seed is booming

Visiting a sugarbeet seed production in Beauce (41) - 1977

La Loubière site, in Manosque


The seed station of Manosque,
in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04), open its doors

The region provides a perfect answer to the requirements of sugar beet seed production

Loading big bags of seeds for Germany

Visit to a sugarbeetseed-production field

Harvesting of a test plot in Bouy (51)


The company develops and oversees Strube’s field trials in France

Visit to a hybrid rye seed production


A new milestone is set, with diversification towards other species


The company signs an exclusive contract with the German breeder Hybro,
for the production and marketing of hybrid rye seed

Visiting greenhouses at Hybro

It creates and develops the hybrid rye market in France

Sugar factory in Russia


Export activities are exploding,, with the development of a business flow towards the countries of the former USSR.

Dobrinsky sugar factory beet yard

The company passes the milestone of 40 employees


Sugar beet nurseries are implemented successfully in Brittany

Visiting nurseries in Brittany

This is a first in this region

Inspection of a sugarbeetseed-production field near Melle


A new region of production is born in Deux-Sèvres (79)

The first sugarbeet seed productions are located around Niort

Hybrid rapeseed production in Landes (40)


The Deleplanque company is developing a new production area in Landes

This region is particularly dedicated to the production of hybrid rapeseed


Deleplanque and Strube, partners for 60 years

Dr Hermann Strube and Jean-Pierre Deleplanque


Spring rapeseed is produced in Brittany and Picardy

Visiting the production crops in Brittany, with the breeder

Villefollet site (79)


The brand new seed station of Villefollet, in Deux-Sèvres (79), is inaugurated


Eric Verjux becomes CEO of Deleplanque & Cie

Eric Verjux and Gérard Deleplanque

Vining pea seed multiplication in Villefollet (79)

Spinach seed-bearing plants


The company embarks on the production of vegetable seeds

Within 2 years, the activity spreads to all our production areas

Maîtrise de toute la chaîne de valeur


Deleplanque acquiert le sélectionneur
allemand Strube à hauteur de 60%

Strube : un groupe international,
15 filiales, une sélection en betterave,
tournesol, blé tendre et potagères

Une capacité de stockage de 2000 tonnes

Une chaine complète avec trieur optique


Après 10 mois de travaux,
la station de triage de Villefollet démarre son activité

Process complet de la semence, du champ à la certification
Ligne agréée semences BIO - Laboratoire reconnu GNIS