Guaranteeing the quality and traceability of the seeds produced is the absolute priority of Deleplanque, which ensures that it has the means to fulfil its commitments.

Investing in human beings

30 people work full time on the seed production activity. The technical team consists of technicians and engineers who monitor crops, supervise growing farmers and work closely with breeding partners.
If the climate has a strong influence on the quality of the seeds, soils also play a determining role, between regions as well as within the same zone. This is where the production technician's experience and field knowledge come into play, for placing the varieties on soils best suited to their genetic specificity.

A network of expert and highly involved farmers

500 seed growing farmers are in direct contract with the company. They are recruited by the field teams on the basis of their technical skills and the types of crops they grow. Our independence from farmers allows us to keep the best performers within our network.

3 seed stations and a growing industrial tool

  • We finance specific production equipment (swathers, transplanters, drying equipment) and make it available to the farmers.
  • Manosque has undergone several phases of expansion, with the installation of additional equipment and new storage areas.
  • Villefollet, which opened in 2014, is now equipped with a complete sorting chain, for a total investment of €10 M over 4 years.